Re-sending an already sent email to a group of imported participants

An important part of the matchmaking success is encouraging your participants to book more meetings by reminding them to do so.

Let’s say that you already sent the first reminders to your participant group and now you want to send a slightly different version of your first email (or you simply want to send the same email) to the imported participants.

You can do that by following the next steps:
1. Connect to your event’s back-end and go to Mailings --> Sent --> Show
2. Copy the mailing text
3. Go to Standard Templates --> Custom Mailings --> Create New
4. Go to Customize Recipients (Filter) and set the Status just for "Imported"
5. Copy the text in the Content box and replace the name by the salutation placeholder (click on Salutation in the left corner at the bottom of the page). Also, you need to replace the confirmation link by the confirmation placeholder (click on Confirmation Link)

Your email should be ready to go to the matchmakers waiting for the event.