Scheduling Mode: Participants schedule meetings


Participants are able to schedule meetings by themselves by choosing a time slot when accepting a meeting request. 

How it works:

  • Participant A requests a meeting to participant B;
  • When participant B wants to accept the meeting, when he will click on Accept, a window will pop-up prompting him to choose a day and a time for this meeting. A message can also be sent to participant A (optional step);
  • Participant B chooses a time slot per his/her availability and clicks on Accept;

The meeting will be immediately visible in both participants’ agenda.

Please note that the meeting will show as automatically locked in the scheduler. However, the organiser is still able to unlock it (Scheduling -> click on the meeting -> Unlock).

Meetings can also be manually scheduled by organizers with the help of the scheduler, a few days prior to the event. For more details on this scheduling mode, check our article 'Scheduling Mode: Organisers schedule meetings'.

Happy matchmaking!