Scheduling Mode: Organiser schedule meetings

When an participant accepts a meeting request, the date and time will not be immediately available to the participants. Organisers will have to manually schedule the meeting with the help of the scheduler a few days prior before the event will take place. When the schedule is completed, the organiser will send an email to the participants with the agenda.  

How it works:

  • Participant A send a meeting request to participant B;
  • Participant B has to accept this meeting request if 
    Booking Mode is set to: Meeting requests have to be accepted ... otherwise the meeting request is treated as accepted automatically
  • A few days before the event the event organizer has to schedule all the requested (and confirmed) meetings via the B2Match Scheduler.
  • Once all the meeting requests have been scheduled the event organizer have to send the meeting schedule to all participants via the predefined Mailings -> Agenda (Preliminary) or Agenda (Final)

This mode is preferable when you want to ensure that your meetings are scheduled in the most efficient possible way.

Meetings can also be scheduled by the participants. For more details, check our article 'Scheduling Mode: Participants schedule meetings'.

Happy matchmaking!