Step 2: Communication with Participants

One of b2match’s biggest strengths is the mailing & notification system. There are 3 diffrent types of mails & notifications that are handled with b2match 

Predefined Emails

b2match's process defines a set of predefined emails that have to be sent out throughout the organisation of the event. Some of these predefined emails are triggered by events (e.g. Participant finished registration) and other have to be sent by the organiser. These predefined emails can be extended with custom messages by the organisers. 

It is absolutely crucial for the events success to be familiar with these emails because they are the primary channel of direct communication with the participant.  

See the full list of predefined emails.

Automated Email Notifications & Reminders

b2match will automatically send notifications that are related to communicaiton between participants and meetings. This means that whenever a meeting has been requested, accepted, declined or canceled a participant will be automatically notified via email. Participants will also receive an notification when a message has been sent to them by an other participant.

In addition to notifications b2match will also send out automatic reminders in regular intervals in case a participant has not requested any meetings yet or has pending meeting requests that are waiting to be accepted or declined.

See the full list of automated email notifications.

Custom Emails

Organisers can send custom emails to all or specific groups of participants. This is one of the most popular features in b2match among event organisers because it is one of the driving forces behind and events success.

Read more about Custom Emails.