Step 5: Booking Phase Starts

A few weeks prior to your event, the booking phase will start which leads up to the event. We recommend to start the booking phase when a relevant amount of participants has already signed up for the event. Participants will be able to send and receive meetings requests during this time period which usually leads up to the event.

At this point, you should look into the following:

  1. Check your matchmaking settings
    Go to your matchmaking settings and see if you have the desired booking & scheduling mode
  2. Send email message to participants that booking phase has started
    Let your participants know that they can now request meetings with each other
  3. Encourage participant to join matchmaking
    Optionally, you can send the participants an email in order to encourage them to join matchmaking. This email will be sent to all participants that are not signed up to a matchmaking session if you filter the participants who have no bookings until this point.