Sending Custom Emails

In addition to automated notifications and predefined emails, b2match gives organisers to ability to send custom emails to participants.

Click on Messages on the left hand menu.

In order to send custom emails click on Create message to prepare the email.

  1. Select the recipients or the list of recipients that will receive your mail. 
  2. You can customize the recipients' list by clicking on Add new filter on the right side of the screen.Prepare_Custom_Message_1.PNG
  3. Give your email a Subject.
  4. Write your email's Message.
  5. Click on a preset to enter them into the email. Some presets are placeholders. You can identify a place holder by the curly brackets {{ }} that it’s wrapped in. A placeholder will put a special content which is individualized for the specific participant into the email, e.g. a link for a specific user.
  6. Press Save.
  7. Pre-visualize your email before sending it.
  8. Click Back if you want to edit it or Save if the email is ready to be sent. 
  9. Click Send in order to send your customized email.Send_custom_email.PNG