Importing Participants

b2match gives the organiser the opportunity to import participants from previous events or import participants by adding a list - .xlsx format.

In order to import a list of participants, the organiser has to access Import on the left side of the navigation panel. Please note that the format of the list needs to be .xlsx in order for the import to be successfully made in the b2match system.

  1. Click on Import Participants.
  2. Choose the source of your import - .xlsx File.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Upload your list.



The b2match system will indicate suggestions in order to match the imported column with the participant information. You can take into consideration the suggestions or ignore them and proceed with the import by clicking on Import Participants.

For a successful import we recommend that you take the suggestions into consideration and edit the unmatched columns, if indicated in red.


These participants will be shown in the Import section of your navigation panel and you can proceed with inviting them to your event by selecting their names and by clicking on Send Invitation.

The invitation email will be automatically added to the Outbox emails.

You can edit the Invitation email before sending it. In order to view it before sending it, click on Preview and Send.

Click on Send to recipients if your invitation is ready to be sent.

The participants will then receive an invitation to your event.

The status in the Invitation column will show ‘Invited on <date>.

Once a participant accepts the invitation, the status will be ‘Accepted’.

The invitation email will be saved in the Sent area of Outbox emails.

The imported participants can be now also found in the Participants list. Here, the organiser can see their names, organisations, regions, the number of sessions to which they have been registered to, the number of their matchmaking sessions, the number of their Marketplace entries and the validation status, if enabled.



The Invitation as Received by Participants

  • Email received by participants invited to the event

  • When clicking on Open invitation