Managing Participants with b2match

This article aims to give an overview about how participants are managed inside b2match. 

Participants Status

All registered participants will show up in the Participants List. Participants that have signed up for your event can have following states

  • Registered
    The participant is registered and will attend your event.
  • Canceled
    The participant has registered to your event but has canceled his participant in the meantime. This participant will not visible in the Participants list.
  • Rejected
    A rejected participant has registered to your event but was rejected by an organiser. This participant will not visible in the Participants list.


You can get a good overview about participants status inside the dashboard.



Imported Participants

Organisers can import arbitrary sets of participant data into b2match. This data can be used to invite participants. The only thing that is required is an email. Additionally provided information such as Name, Organisation, etc. can be mapped during the import process.

Learn more about Importing Participants

Imported participants are not automatically registered. The imported participant has to accept the invitation and fill out the remaining information in the registration process, which is necessary in order to finish the registration. The Participant will then show up in the Participants list.

Activating Participants

A participant who has registered to your event will be automatically activated. This means that the participant is visible to others and can send and receive meeting requests. However, Organisers can decide to manually activate participants after registration. This means that a participant will not be visible as long as he is not activated by the organiser

Learn more about Manually Activating Participants



Deleting a Participant's Profile 

You can delete a participant's profile after you have canceled their participation.

  1. Click on Edit next to the participant's name on the right hand of the menu
  2. Click on Cancel Participation. The canceled status will be displayed in the Registration section.
  3. Click on Delete.


Participants Visibility

You can set your participants list as being public or private by going to Configuration - Event Settings.

You can choose if some participants should be visible or not visible in the public participant list on the website by clicking on the eye shaped icon in the Participants list.

Editing Participants' Account Details

Organisers are not able to edit the participants' account settings due to data protection privacy and security reasons. The account settings include name, email address and password.