Participants' List

The participant tab is the list of participants who have registered for your event. It is your main tool for managing participants.


You can access the participant list by clicking on Participants on the left hand menu and you can do the following:

  • Filter participants on various criteria
  • Activate participants
  • Register participants in their behalf
  • Edit participants details
  • Set participants' visibility

  1. Search for a participant by name or organisation name by using the search field at the top of the page.
  2. Filter participants by their registration status, on whether they are activated or participating in matchmaking.
  3. You can use the Add participant feature in order to register participants on their behalf.
  4. Choose or define a Predefined Filter by clicking on Predefined filter and Add custom filter. Choose your criteria and a filter name. You can easily edit or delete the filter.
  5. Use Advanced Search if you need to filter participants by specific criteria.
  6. Edit participant in order to view or edit participants' details.
  7. Preview information about the participant and leave notes for yourself or other organisers.


Support Organisers View

The support organisers can see all the participants in the list, but they can only edit the participants they are responsible for.

By clicking on My participants the support organisers will only see the participants they are responsible for.


Changing participants visibility

Each participant can be set to be visible/invisible to other participants. Click on the eye inside the participants row to change the participants visbility.


Leaving notes

Organisers can leave notes about certain participants, only visible for themselves and the supporting organisers. Click on a participant and open the Notes tab to read or leave a note.