Exporting Participant Data, Schedules and Catalogue

b2match gives organisers the ability to export all participant related data in Excel-Format. Additionally, b2match generates a set of PDF Documents that are useful for managing the event on-site.

To export participant related data, schedules or badges go the Export menu.

Excel Documents

Participants Data

You can export all participant related data in Excel format.

You will get an Excel list with the selected for export participants which contains the following information:

  • Participant's ID
  • Activation status
  • Participant's email
  • First and last name
  • Job description
  • Organisation name and type
  • Areas of activity
  • Support Office
  • Country, city, postal code and street
  • Phone
  • Registration date and hour
  • Sessions to which the participant attended
  • Answers to the custom questions, if the case
  • Payment details, if the case

Event Summary

A document containing statistics about participants, meetings and meeting ratings. 

PDF Documents

All Schedules

The participant schedule is a PDF representation of a participant's agenda. 

This document shows all the event agendas for all participants.

It is still quite common that event organisers print these agendas in the day of the event and hand them out to participants when they arrive at the event. 


Table Schedules 

This documents shows the table schedules groups meetings by table location.

Some event organisers like to put a table schedule on each table so that the participants can verify if they are at the right spot at the right time. 

Timeslot Schedules 

The timeslot schedules groups meetings by timeslot. You will get the table number for the particular timeslot, the name of the host and the guest and the name of their organisation. 

If you have 10 timeslots, you will get 10 lists, each meeting list corresponding to the associated timeslot.

This document is useful to quickly check which participants should sit on which table. If one meeting partner is missing, it contains also the mobile number to inform him to show up as soon as possible.


Participants Catalogue

This document is a presentations of the event's participants.