Organisation Types

Organisation types are used to categorize participants by the type of organisation they are associated with.

Examples of typical organisation types:

  • Company
  • University
  • Research and Development Institution
  • Association/Agency
  • Authority/Government
  • Consulting
Choosing the organisation type during registration is a mandatory step for participants, as long as the organiser sets it in the organiser's tool. 

The organisation type helps the participants find potential meeting partners by serving as a filter in the participants list on the website.


Editing Organisation Types

Organisers are able to add and edit organisation types. In order to do so, click on Configuration in the navigation panel and go to Organisation Types.

When editing the organisation types, the organiser needs to keep at least one organisation type, otherwise the participants will not be able to finish registration.

Organisation types cannot be deleted once the registration time frame starts. However, you can add new organisation types at any given time.

Participants choose their organisation types in the Complete your profile step in Registration.


Examples of organisation types for specific events

  • Buyer/Seller | Manufacturer, Distributor, Retailer, Wholesaler, Supplier, Consulting, Other
  • Investor/Start-Ups | Start-up, Company, University, Investor, Business Angel, Finance, Government/Authority, Association/Agency, Consulting, Other
  • Maritime | Ship Builder, Port operator, Supplier (Components), Supplier (Services), Association, Authority/Government, Consulting, Research, Other
  • Food | Producer, Distributer, Wholesaler, Retailer, Service Supplier, Consulting, Other
  • Fashion | Association/Agency, Branch organisation, Brand/Label, Consulting, Fashion Designer, Distributor/Wholesaler, Manufacturer, R&D Institution, Service Provider, Other
  • Building & Design | Manufacturer, Retailer, Wholesaler, Designer, Interior, Architect, Other
  • Tourism | Accommodation, Catering/Restaurant, Tour Operator, Transport, Travel Agency, Services Provider, Marketing/Promotion, Other
  • Medical | Academia, Association/Agency, Consulting, Government/Authority, Hospital, Investor/Finance, Manufacturer, Non-profit, Patient organisation, Distributor/Importer, Purchaser/Procurement, Research, Service provider, Other