Configuring Registration

b2match offers powerful features for setting up an event registration. Event organisers can adapt the participants registration process so that is suits their needs.

Go to Configuration - Registration Settings and set a Registration Time Frame. This determines the time frame in which the attendees can register for your event.

Make sure you set participant types, organisation types and areas of activity.

Classifications help participants in finding business partners faster and easier. The better the pre-defined classification, the easier participants can find the 'needle in the haystack'. A set of well-chosen classifications (areas of activities, participant types, organisation types, marketplace) shortens a long participant list of 200 profiles to 10-20 relevant and matching profiles. Fast and promising search results will increase the booking figures considerably. Click here for a list of detailed classifications.

Participant Types

Participant types are used to group specific participants and it will be requested during the registration process. This is a simple way to categorize your participants.

Typical examples of Participant Types: Buyer and Seller, Investor and Start-Up, Exhibitor and Visitor.

Let's say you are organising a Conference for Game Development. This means that you could have 6 different types of participants attending your event.


The participant type being asked during the registration

These types help the participants to easily find suitable meeting partners and allows organisers to specify visibility and booking rules.

Make sure you define Participation Types if you would like to apply booking rules for your event!

Read more about Participant Types

Organisation Types

Participants have to choose a organisation type when they sign up for the event. The organisation type is used to categorize participants. This makes it easier for participants to find the right meeting partner.

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Areas of Activity

Areas of Activity enable participants to classify their business. These categories are very useful when participants search for suitable meeting partners. A participant can choose multiple Areas of Activity during registration.

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Marketplace is a powerful feature which enables the participants to add the details of their offer or request. 

As an organiser, you can configure the Marketplace items and classifiers and encourage your participants to add detailed Marketplace entries in order to ensure successful matchmaking.

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Custom Questions

Organisers can extend the registration form with custom questions in order to obtain specific information for the event organiser.

The answers to the Custom Questions are not intended to be shared with the participants. Their purpose is to help the organisers collect extra information from their participants.
You can find the answers to the Custom Questions in the organiser's tool Export menu: Export Data - Excel Documents - Participants Data.

Read more about Custom Questions if you want to add them to the registration.