Configuring the Matchmaking Process According to Your Needs

b2match offers several options how the matchmaking process works for the participants. Click on Configuration and open the Matchmaking Settings.

Scheduling Mode

The scheduling mode determines how a time and location for a meeting is scheduled.

  • Participants schedule meetings themselves (Default)
    Participants choose a timeslot when accepting a meeting request

    This mode is preferable when you want to make sure that participants know when their meeting will take place the moment when the request is being accepted and when the organiser does not want to go through the process of scheduling meetings. Please note that giving participants the ability to freely choose timeslots can lead to inefficient distributed meetings & potentially long waiting times for the replies.

  • Organisers schedule meetings manually
    Organisers will have to manually schedule the meeting with the help of the scheduler a few days prior before the event will take place

    When an participant accepts a meeting request, the date and time will not be immediately available to the participants. This information will only be available prior to the event, after the organiser schedules the meetings and publishes the schedules. This mode is preferable when you want to ensure that your meetings are scheduled in the most efficient possible way. 


To get more information on how scheduling meetings manually by the organiser works read our guide to scheduling meetings.

The scheduling mode can be switched at any given time as long as no booking are made.

Once there are bookings, please consider the following if you want to change the Request Mode:

  • switching from 'Organisers scheduling manually' to 'Participants schedule meetings themselves' - schedule all unscheduled meetings and make the change
  • switching from 'Participants schedule meetings themselves' to 'Organisers scheduling manually' - lock the already scheduled meetings in order to keep the already selected timeslots and make the change. Now you can schedule all meetings automatically and make changes manually.

Request Mode

The request mode determines whether meetings are accepted automatically or have to be accepted by the participant.

  • Requests have to be accepted by participants (Opt-in) (Default)
    Requested participants have to accept or decline a request in order for the meeting to be scheduled.
  • Requests are accepted automatically (Opt-out)
    When a meeting is requested, it will be automatically accepted for the requested participant.
In case when requests are accepted automatically and meetings are scheduled by the participants, the participant requesting the meeting will select the timeslot.

Setting the Booking Time Frame

Participants are able to send and receive meetings requests during this time period which usually leads up to the event.

Setting the Booking Time Frame

  1. Go to Configuration and open the Matchmaking Settings.
  2. Set the booking begin date.
  3. Set the booking end date.
  4. Press Save.
b2match recommends opening the booking phase 3 weeks prior to the event's date. Based on our experience, the largest number of meetings will be booked in this time frame.