Owner, Main Organiser and Support Organiser

b2match allows organisers to collaboratively organise events. An event can be organised by several organisers.


The event's owner is the administrator of the event website and the organiser’s tool. The owner has all the rights, including the following exclusive rights:

  • is able to make the event accessible to the public
  • is able to edit payment related settings.

Main Organisers

The main organisers can change all settings, customise the event website, send customised emails, edit notifications and manage participants.

Supporting Organisers

Supporting organisers help the main organisers to manage participants. 

Inviting organisers

To invite an Organiser go to Configuration in the left hand navigation panel.


  1. Click on Organisers under Event Settings
  2. Press the Invite Organisers button.
  3. Enter the email addresses of the organisers you want to invite. Separate email addresses with a comma to invite multiple organisers.
  4. Send out Invitations
  5. The invited Organiser will now an email with an invitation link.
The invited organisers will be automatically added as support organisers and will remain in the pending invitations section until they accept the invitation. After they accepted the invitation, their role can be changed to main organisers.

Accepting an Invitation

When supporting organisers are invited to co-organise the event, they will receive the invitation per email and they will have to create a user account.



  1. Click on the Link in the Invitation email.
  2. After logging in you will see the invited event in the event overview.
  3. Accept or Decline the invitation.

Turning off Registration Notifications

  • Click on Edit on your name.
  • Un-tick the Registration box.