The b2match App

b2match can be downloaded on iPhones, iPads or Android devices in order for the participants to plan their event attendance and to book b2b meetings.


The participants' credentials are the email address and their password, the same ones which they use to login to the event website.

All the settings applied in the organiser’s tool will apply to the app as well. For example, once the organiser changes the matchmaking mode or/and configuration for the event in the organiser’s tool, the new setting will immediately apply to the app as well.

As a participant, you will have access to

  • Your events - your list with the events to which you have participated in the past and the new events for which you have registered or to which you were invited to;
  • The events details - the event's website with the event's dates and location;
  • The participants list - the list of participants attending the event;
  • Your agenda - the sessions which you want to attend grouped in an agenda; by using the b2match you can make sure that you are updated with the last minute changes;
  • Your meetings’ status - accepted and cancelled meetings with the other participants;
  • Your profile details - email address, company name, organisation description, etc.

You can easily book new meetings, view your agenda at any given time and change your profile details via the b2match app.

Exchanging messages is not possible by using the b2match app. In order to check your messages, please login to the event's website.
Organisers are not able to access the app by using their organiser logins. Please register as a participant or create a test registration.