Re-Introducing b2match

We've been in the event management software industry for over a decade now and noticed big shifts during this period. Networking and matchmaking events are becoming increasingly popular and we’ve been getting clients from huge conferences as well as small niche events.

Our internal goal is not only satisfying our current clients’ needs the best way we can, but also acting as trendsetters and thought leaders within the event matchmaking and networking industry.

This is where we have decided to re-design b2match from the ground up in order to build a new foundation for matchmaking events. We have envisioned a platform that follows state-of-the-art design, uses modern web-technology - keeping the users in mind.

On one hand, we wanted to offer hassle-free matchmaking event management for our organisers with the new b2match Organiser Tool and the Content Builder. On the other hand, we wanted to make the use of b2match for participants as intuitive and straight-forward as possible using the redesiged b2match Frontend.

Here is an overview of what is new in b2match:

  • Powerful Event Management Interface for Organisers
  • Beautiful and responsive landing pages for your event
  • Intuitive Matchmaking Process for Participants
  • Participant Messaging Center
  • Redesigned Email Marketing Tool & Automated Notifications
  • Single sign-on including Google & LinkedIn Authentication

To get more information about our event networking solution please visit our product website.