Working with Components

A component represents a specific piece of content which can be dragged and dropped from the right hand menu into a section.

Adding and editing images with the Content Bilder

In order to add an image to a component and edit it, start by choosing a section containing pictures from the right side menu. Select one of the options below:

  • Images + Caption
  • Images
  • Single image

Drag and drop the section in the needed area. Now you can start adding your photos.

  • Adjust the dimensions and the form of the picture by clicking on the image settings (red icon) and choosing Blank Placeholder. Set the dimensions of your picture (you have a range of 1000px) and the shape of your picture (square or circle). Click on Replace to save your settings
  • Upload the picture by clicking on the photo icon (blue icon)
  • Change the size by zooming in/out (click on '-' or '+')
  • The system will crop your picture by default. Make sure to choose the 'No crop' setting if you want your entire picture to be shown.