Co-Organising an event with b2match

Dear Co-Organiser!

This article will guide you through the process on co-organising an event with b2match. This article will give you an overview about what Co-Organisers can do and also serves as an reference for you.

If you have used previous versions of b2match many things will seem familiar to you but there are also some changes.

Using the organiser tool

Once you have been invited to organise an event via Email you will have to set up an account which you should have done by now. You can view all your events by logging in at

In the previous version of b2match had to maintain several links and passwords for multiple events. In the new Organiser Tool you just need one account from which you can access all your events.

Navigating inside the organiser tool


  1. You can navigate through the Organiser Tool via the left hand panel.
  2. Click here to go to the Event Website
  3. Go back to your Event Overview
  4. Visit our Help
  5. Edit your profile 
  6. Contact our support via Direct Chat

Managing Participants

One of your main responsibilities is to manage participants. You can access the participant list by clicking on Participants on the left hand menu. 


  1. Quickly search for participants by text
  2. Quickly filter participants by registration status, activation status and wether they participate in matchmaking.
  3. Multi-Edit participants
  4. Export PDFs and Excel Data
  5. Advanced Search with more options
  6. Using and creating predefined filters
  7. Click on a participant to get more detailed information
  8. You can leave notes that can be seen by other organisers
  9. Click on view profile to see the participants profile inside the event website.

Find out more about the participant list to learn how to create custom filters, editing multiple participants, etc. 

Activating a Participant

Depending on how the event is configured, participants will have to be activated to be visible on the event website and to be able to request meetings.

In previous versions of b2match activating has been referred to to as validating.

When a inactive participants logs in the will see this notification. The are not visible inside the participants list.


Read more on activating participants

Editing a Participant's Profile 

You can edit a participant's profile by clicking on Edit next to the participant's name on the right hand of the menu. 

In previous versions of b2match organisers where able to manipulate the participants profile inside the event website. This is not allowed anymore due to privacy reasons. Organisers can now directly edit a participants profile from the organiser tool.

You can reject a participant's attendance by clicking on Reject participation. Read more on Rejected and Canceled status