Event Status - Demo, Draft and Publish

When you create an event in the b2match system, it is in Demo mode by default. This mode is changed automatically to Draft and the organiser can change this status to Publish.

  • Demo - your event is in demonstration mode, as you are a potential customer. If you were already in contact with our Sales Team and you have made an agreement with them, then this status should soon change to Draft.
  • Draft - your event is only visible to the invited organisers and it is not searchable on the Internet. Therefore the registration of the participants is not possible.

When in draft mode, the website will be only visible for the organisers of the event, listed in the organiser's tool under Organisers, by clicking on Go to the Event Website.

The message displayed to the public will be This page is currently under construction. Please come back later.


  • Published - your event is accessible to the public and searchable on the Internet. The advertisement of your event and the participant registration can begin.

The event owner is able to change from Draft status to Published (and the other way around) by choosing the option at the top of the organiser's page, next to the event's title.

The owner of the event can switch from Draft to Publish at any given time. This will not affect other settings.
If you would like to make a test registration by sending the website link to colleagues who are not organisers, make sure the website is published, in order for the testers to be able to see it and click the registration button.