Payment Settings

Please contact the b2match Support in order to activate the payment for your event.

b2match supports payment with the following means:

Once the payment has been enabled, make sure you follow the steps below:

1. Connect your Stripe or PayPal account to the b2match system (click on your name on the top right - Edit my account - Integrations).

Alternatively, you can set your payment via invoice.

2. Make sure you check the settings in the b2match system. You can find them in Configuration - Payments - Settings.

  • Currency - b2match gives you the possibility to choose your currency (EUR, USD, GBP or other currencies).
  • VAT - If you chose "EU Reverse Charge", European participants with an international valid VAT number don't have to pay VAT if they are located outside of the country where the organiser's organisation/company is located. Participants outside the EU will not have to pay any VAT. Please check with your Finance department if EU Reverse Charge is possible and otherwise which VAT percentage you can invoice. If you have other custom rules, please contact the support as they can be implemented differently for each event.
  • Payment Methods - you can choose between Stripe, PayPal and Payment via invoice. At least one payment method has to be enabled.
  • Invoice Configuration - make sure you configure your invoice in the system. The invoice will be automatically generated for all participants. 
    Invoice Header: enter you company name, your invoice address + tax number 
    Invoice Footer: you can enter here your bank information (optional).
    Please check with your Finance department if your complete invoice meets all local tax regulations.

3. Add tickets. Make sure you define which sessions are associated with these tickets (example - Cocktail Reception only available for Business Providers). If you added participation types, you have the possibility to define multiple tickets for a participation type. 

4. Test payment in Draft mode. As long as your event is in draft mode, you are able to test your payment which will also be in draft mode. You can use 4242 4242 4242 4242 as a credit card to test your registration and payment. Card date and CVC can be any random numbers. The status of your payment will be marked as test.

You can view the payment status of your participants by accessing Payments. 

Payment as seen by participants

Participants will enter their payment related details after filling in their profile information. They have the following options:

  • Payment with credit card
  • Payment with PayPal, if activated
  • Payment via invoice.

Once the organiser is adding the bank details in the Bank Account Details field, the participants will see it during registration.

If they choose Pay via Invoice, when they will click on Finish payment, they will see the message added in the payment settings:


Organiser Wants to Use Own Invoicing System

  • We remove the download button for invoice and pro-forma
  • A message is added saying the participants will receive an invoice from the organiser
  • Upon confirmation of the payment, the organiser will send their own generated invoices
  • The organiser needs to fill in the details in Payments - Settings - Payment Methods - Bank Account Details. These will be added to the Complete your payment step in the registration.