In case you want to offer exhibitors the option to manage their meetings at their booths (instead of tables) you have to consider the following:

  • Create Participation Types. Usually, booths are used in the Exhibitors/Visitors events, so in this case you will have two participation types: exhibitor and visitor.
  • Add Custom Question which requires your participant's booth number. One booth can be assigned to one participant only.


Adding Booths

In order to add more booths in the system, please go to Configuration - Booths - Create new Booth.

In order to associate a participant with a booth, follow the next steps:

  • Go to the participants list by clicking on Participants
  • Choose the participant for whom you want to add a booth
  • Click on Edit and go to Settings 
  • Click on Edit next to Booth 


  • Click on Save.
A booth number has to be assigned to an Exhibitor before the scheduling starts, otherwise the system will automatically place the meeting at a table.

Booths and Scheduling Mode

Depending on the two Scheduling Modes (Participants schedule meetings themselves and Organisers schedule meetings manually) different timelines have to be considered.

  • Scheduling Mode: Participants schedule meetings themselves
    In this case all Booths have to be assigned to the Exhibitors before the booking opens (typically 4-8 weeks before the event).
  • Scheduling Mode: Organisers schedule meetings manually
    In this case all Booths have to be assigned to the Exhibitors before the meetings are scheduled by the event organizers (typically 1-2 weeks before the event).

Moving a wrongly scheduled meeting from a table to a booth

  • Open the scheduler and move the relevant meetings. Keep in mind that you need to assign a booth to the relevant participants beforehand. The booths will be listed at the bottom of each session in the scheduler.
The meetings will be automatically scheduled at the host's booth.
A manual rescheduling of exhibitors' meetings at every table/booth is always possible.
The system will not allow you to remove all the tables for the sessions, so you will have at least one table in the scheduler.