Outbox Messages

In addition to automated notifications, b2match gives organisers to ability to send custom emails to participants.

  • Click on Messages on the left hand menu.
  • Click on Outbox.
  • Choose whether you send the message to participants, other organisers or imports.
  • Select the recipients or the list of recipients that will receive your mail. 
  • You can customize the recipients' list by clicking on Add filter.

  • Give your email a Subject.
  • Write your email's Message.

Customising the Email Body

You have several options for customizing the toolbar editor in the body of your email:

  • Variables - you can choose the right placeholder for the participant name one by clicking on Variable and select the one you want: Full Name, First Name or Last Name. 

  • Lists - you can opt for an unordered list (displayed with bullets) and an ordered list (displayed with numbers)

  • Link - you can insert links to the website pages (Home, Location and Contacts) and personalised links to Feedback, Agenda, Attendance and Meetings. When accessed, these personalised links will directly display the participant's feedback page, agenda, their attendance or meetings list.

  • Action Button - you can insert action buttons to Feedback, Agenda, Attendance and Meetings.

  • HTML - you can edit the HTML code if needed. 
  • Indent/Outdent functions are available for text editing.

Sending the Message

  • Click on Save. Your message will be now saved as draft.
  • Click on Edit. You can check and edit your message again.
  • Click on Preview and Send. A preview of your email will be displayed.
  • Send a test. Send a test to your email address in order to send and receive your email in your inbox and see it the way participants will see it.
  • Click Back if you want to edit your email or Send to recipients now if the email is ready to be sent. 
  • Your message is now sent and stored in the Sent folder.