Outbox messages

In addition to automated notifications, b2match gives organisers to ability to send custom emails to participants.

  • Click on Messages on the left hand menu.
  • Click on Outbox.
  • Choose whether you send the message to participants or to other organisers.
  • Select the recipients or the list of recipients that will receive your mail. 
  • You can customize the recipients' list by clicking on Add filter.

  • Give your email a Subject.
  • Write your email's Message.
  • Choose your placeholder by clicking on one of them: Full Name, First Name or Last Name. 
You have the option of inserting 3 types of placeholders: Full Name, First Name or Last Name. Do not alter the placeholder's structure - 'name' wrapped in curly brackets - as it will display the participants name in the notification.

  • Click on Save.
  • Pre-visualize your email before sending it.
  • Click Back if you want to edit it or Save if the email is ready to be sent. 
  • Click Send in order to send your customized email.