Editing Participants' Information

In order to edit a participant's information, click on Edit on a participant's row, in the Participants list.

Organisers are not able to edit the participants' account settings due to data protection privacy and security reasons. The account settings include name, email address and password.

As an organiser, you are able to edit the following participant information:


  • Participant type
  • Job Position
  • Organisation Information
  • Location
  • Areas of Activity
  • Marketplace Items


Here you can choose sessions in the participant's behalf by clicking Edit, choosing the sessions and clicking on Save


  • Support Office

The organiser can add and/or edit the participant's Support Office.

  • Reserved Table

The organiser can reserve a table for the participant.

  • Booth

The organiser can assign the participant a booth.

  • Maximum Meetings

The organiser can set a number of maximum meetings for the participant.