Payment validation

When payment validation is enabled, participants are not allowed to pay until the organiser validates their profiles.

The participant will still be able to pick tickets during the registration. However, they will be able to pay at a later stage, after the organiser’s validation.

In order to activate the payment validation, you need to contact the b2match Support

When to use payment validation

  • When free or significantly cheaper tickets are assigned to specific participation types
  • When certain tickets need to be bought by specific participation types only
  • When promotions codes need to be assigned after the participants’ registration

b2match tips

Participation types should not contain details about ticket prices 

For the participant, the participation type is the concept which differentiate them from other participants and enhances the matchmaking (buyer vs. seller, startup vs. investor). For the organiser, participation types are used to group participants by type in order to distinguish them in the system and to apply booking rules. All in all, Participation Type is a concept helping differentiate participants and should be separated from the tickets and tickets price.

Encourage promotion codes usage rather than free tickets

This will avoid the participants’ tendency to choose the free or low-cost tickets and will give the organiser the ability to better control the payment process. 

Use invitation links and hidden participation types to provide special prices or free tickets to certain participants

b2match offers you a variety of options which you can use to manage different participant types. You can easily hide participation types by setting it in the event’s configuration. Contact us in order to help you customise your invitation links.