Payment Editing

The event owner and the main organisers is able to edit the following:

  • Unapproved payments (organiser has not approved the tickets) 
  • Not completed payments (no payment method has been selected)
  • Unconfirmed payments (invoice or PayPal) 
  • Free payments

In order to do do, they need to access Payments in the organiser's tool and check the status of the payment. 

The organiser cannot edit confirmed payments (credit card, confirmed invoice or PayPal) and refunded payments.

Guide to different payment scenarios

Participant picked the wrong tickets

1. If the last payment is editable (Participant payment is free, participant has not paid or the payment has not been confirmed) please follow these steps:

  • Go to the Edit participant mode in the Participants list in the organiser tool
  • In the Profile tab edit Participation Type if required
  • In the Attendance & Payment tab edit the attendance (if required) and click on Edit Payment. Here, you can select the new ticket and add the promotion code, if the case

2. If the last payment is not editable (Participant payed and the payment has been confirmed) do the following:

  • Refund payment
  • Create new payment with new tickets
  • Edit participation types and sessions if required

Participant wants to buy additional tickets

  • If the participant payment is editable, edit the last payment
  • If the participant successfully payed, create new payment and pick additional tickets.

Participant wants to change payment method

If the payment is not confirmed, the participant is able to change the payment method by doing the following actions:

  • Logging in to their b2match profile and clicking on Payment & Billing
  • Click on Change payment and billing
  • Choose the preferred billing method.

Payment Refund

The owner of the website is able to refund the payments made in Stripe.

In order to do so, access the Edit participant mode in the Participants list in the organiser's tool. Go to Attendance and Payment tab and click on Refund.