Mailing Template - Your Meeting Schedule / Event Agenda

To send each participant a personalized schedule which contains the selected event sessions and the B2B meetings (if any) please proceed as follows:

Menu: Messages | Outbox --> Emails to Participants
Filter(s) to be applied to target the relevant participants:

  • Validated --> is --> Yes
    Via this settings ALL validated participants will receive the mailing and their individual Event agenda

  • Meetings Status --> is --> Has scheduled Meetings
    In case you only want to send the Agenda (Meeting schedule) to participants having meetings


Mailing Content

Take the content form below as a starting point and feel free to customize it.
Please delete or replace any grey marked text with proper content.


Your Eventname – Download your event agenda and B2B Meeting Schedule now


Dear {{name}},

Thank you for attending our Conference/Matchmaking event on (insert date / City)

You can download your personal event schedule showing your selected event sessions and bilateral meetings (if any) via the blue Button below.
Please login with your account credentials and access your schedule via:
Menu: Agenda and "Download Agenda as PDF"

As your meeting schedule may still be subject to minor changes we encourage to download the b2match App to have access to an up-to-date meeting schedule at the event.

 In case you keep booking open until the day of the event please add the following advice (otherwise delete):
Sending and accepting meeting requests is still possible until the day of the event.
So please go ahead with sending and confirming meeting requests.
Download the b2match App which facilitates and eases the booking on-site.

In this case please inform us by email or phone.
In case you do have scheduled bilateral meetings please cancel those meetings and leave a short message including your contact details allowing your counterpart to contact you later. This reduces the number of no-shows and is a kind of polite behavior to your (missed) meeting partners.

The matchmaking event takes place:
From: insert time
At: insert place

In case of any questions please contact us under the following Mobile Number:
999 - 999 - 999

Kind regards
Add you contact details



PS: Schedule Link?
B2Match does automatically add a Log-in Button at the bottom of your email which guides participants to their Dashboard allowing to download the PDF meeting schedule.