Mailing Template - Sending event agenda to participants

To send each participant a personalized schedule which contains the selected event sessions and the B2B meetings (if any) please proceed as follows:

Select the Menu: Messages -> Emails to Participants

Participant recipient list | Who should receive this mailing?

Choose Recipients as follows:

  • All Participants | Validated --> is --> Yes
  • Only those who have B2B Meetings | Meeting Status --> is --> Has scheduled Meetings


Mailing Content

Take the content form below as a first starting point and feel free to customize it. Please replace the grey marked text with proper content.

Subject: Your Eventname – Download your (preliminary) event agenda (B2B Meeting Schedule) now

Insert the Placeholder "Full Name" here

Thank you for attending our Conference/Matchmaking event on (insert date)

All meetings have been scheduled now.
You can download your preliminary meeting schedule by visiting the B2Match website (link below).
Further meeting requests may be scheduled until the day of the event! So make sure to download the b2match App to have access to an up-to-date meeting schedule on the day of the event.

Please login with your account credentials and access the (preliminary) meeting schedule via:

Menu: Agenda and "Download Agenda as PDF"

The matchmaking event takes place:
From: insert time
At: insert place

In case of any questions please contact us under the following Mobile Number:
999 - 999 - 999

Kind regards
Add you contact details