Mailing template - Convince participants to join the matchmaking sessions

Via this mailing you encourage conference participants to sign-up for the bilateral meeting sessions. To be used if many participants join conference sessions but not matchmaking sessions.

Goal: More participants should join the matchmaking sessions and thus the number of B2B meetings should get higher
Recipients: Participants who have not selected any matchmaking session yet.

Menu: Messages | Outbox --> Emails to Participants
Filter(s) to be applied to target the relevant participants:

  • Matchmaking --> is --> No
    ALL participants who didn’t have selected any of the given matchmaking sessions

  • Validated --> is --> Yes
    In case you only want to include validated participants
    add this filter via "+ Add filter"


Mailing Content

Take the content form below as a starting point and feel free to customize it. Please delete or replace any grey marked text with proper content.


Your Eventname – Please sign-up for bilateral meeting sessions if you want to manage B2B meetings


Dear {{name}},

You have not signed up for the bilateral matchmaking sessions yet.
Thus you will not be able to send or receive bilateral meetings requests.

* You can spotlight yourself and your organisation with a detailed profile, request meetings with decision makers, and browse other participants’ business ideas.
* You can manage several one-to-one meetings at the event at a reserved table and given time-slots.
* Your meetings are summarised in a personal schedule, which you will receive prior to the event or upon your arrival at the venue.

* Click on the blue button "Go to website" below to sign in
* Select the link: "My attendance"
* Activate the check-box(es) which refers to the Matchmaking or Bilateral Meeting Sessions

In case the booking is not opened yet please add
You will be alerted by email once the booking has been opened.

In case the booking is already open, please add:
Via the Menu "Participants" you can list and view profiles of participating organisations
Tip: Use the given filter options to view relevant organisations only
Meeting requests can only be sent to participants having a "Available" label
Next to each participants profile you can find a Request Meeting Button


In case of any questions please contact us at:
T: 999 - 999 - 999

Kind regards
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