How to import participants from Excel?

  1. Go to REPORTS -> Import Data
  2. Download the Excel-template mentioned there
  3. Add your data to the file
  4. Upload the file

Things that needs to be considered

  1. Email-Address must be valid and unique in the document.
  2. Column headings of the Excel file must exactly match the referenced field names.
  3. Column data for specific columns must also exactly match the values used at the event (Organisation type values, Region name or code, Participation type name, Session identifiers, ...). 

What happens if some participants are already registered?

The data will not be imported. The system will give you a notice that this email address already exists. 

Do I have to generate password for the participants?

"Password" and "Password Confirmation" are not mandatory but they can be used. If participants are imported without a password, they will be able to sign in using the auto-login link and add their password later. 

Where do I find the imported participants after the import?

The imported participants are visible in the special list called "Imported" in the participants view. 



What to do next?

Participants will not receive the registration email. They should be invited through the mailing system and confirm their registration. 

Read more about the invitation mailing:

How to invite imported participants to join the event?