Pages - Adding & Updating

B2Match offers two integrated CMS systems to update the content any time online. You can create, edit content or delete pages. You can also add pictures, links or reference uploaded files.

Typical pages for an event site are:
Home | How it works | FAQ | Agenda | Venue/Travel | etc.

B2Match offers two types of editors to manage page content.
Try both editors and decide yourself which one is more comfortable.

The page editors are accessible via SETTINGS -> Pages


1. Content Manager

contains several ready made templates for typical use cases.
Use the content manager preferably when you would like to:

  • mix text and pictures in 2 or 3 column style
  • adding pictures (no need to upload pictures via the file library)

How to open?
Setting -> Pages | Click on the Page Title | Select the button "Edit" to the left of the page

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2. HTML/CSS Editor

offers more menu driven options to fine-tune the content

How to open:
Settings -> Pages | Click the "Edit" button (right to the page title)



How to create a new page?

Go to the SETTINGS->Pages and click on the "Add Page" button. 


How to add a Submenu to navigation bar?

You have to create a page with name of the submenu and choose "Submenu" from the type selection


How to make a page only visible for registered participants?

Change the "Visiblity" radio button from "All participants" to "Only registered participants".