Contact Page

The contact page

B2Match offers two modes how the contact page can be created.

  1. Automatically by taking the data from the inserted Administrators
    This option should be given the priority as it is the simplest and most efficient way to get a well-designed contact page. Especially if you expect several co-organizers this option is the best choice.

  2. Manually (user-defined) by adding a HTML page
    If you don’t like the design of the automatically created Contact page or need a special design and also would like to reference persons/organization who should not be added as Main- or Co-Administrators you have to build your own “Contact” page. Adding further contacts takes about 3-5 minutes.

ad a) Automatically

The contact page can be automatically generated taking the data which have been inserted in the administrators form. The advantage of this is that you don't have to manually add each administrator with their contact data, logos and pictures to the contact page.



The administrators listed on this page will be automatically grouped by their role (Main-Organiser, Co-Organiser) and countries (Austria, Belgium...)

To add an administrator to the contact page, you only have to enable the checkbox in the administrator form (Settings -> Administrators | Edit Profile). 


ad b) Manually (user-defined)

In case you prefer a special design for the "Contact" page you have to add a HTML page e.g. "Contact".

Please make sure that the checkbox selection "Show on contact page" is removed for EACH (!!) Administrator, otherwise two "Contact" menus will be shown in the menu bar.

Please also notice that creating a Contact page via option b) is much more time consuming as you have to add most contact data and logos twice. Especially if you have a steadily growing list of co-organizers you waste valuable time.

How to create a contact page manually?

  • Settings -> Pages | Add Page (e.g Contact)
  • Preferably create a table with 2 columns where the left columns contain the logos and the right column the contact data.
  • To insert a logo into the Contact page you have first upload the Logo in the File Library

Typical parameters for a perfectly designed Contact table:

  • Width of the left column: e.g. 250 Pixels
  • Width of the logos: e.g. 200 Pixels (add a CCS statement like: style="width:200px;" to the HTML "<img ...>" tag)
  • The left column cells should have a vertical top alignment ( <td style=”vertical-align:top;”)