How does the confirmation form work?

The confirmation process is used, when you have to invite participants from previous events or you have imported participants via an Excel file. 

Each confirmation email contains a special confirmation link. By clicking on the confirmation link, the confirmation form below opens: 

How to edit this text?

  • SETTINGS -> Confirmations

Below you can find a typical often used text.


Confirmation of participation

Please indicate if you would like to participate again.
In case your answer is “YES” you are automatically forwarded to your Dashboard

There you have to check the following Tabs:

a) Plan your Attendance:
* Important, select at least one session from the event agenda!
  * To send or receive bilateral meeting requests you have to select a bilateral meeting session
b) Registration: Check if contact data are up-to date
c) Organisation: Update your organisation description and Business Fields
d) Cooperation profile: Update or add new cooperation profiles (I am offering ..., I am looking for ...)


Participants can either confirm or cancel the participation:

  • If they cancel, they will be removed from the "Imported List". 
  • If they confirm, they will be redirected to their dashboard. 

You can see the cancelled and confirmed participants in the participant list.