What are booths and how to use them?

Usually exhibitors prefer to have their meetings on their booth and not on tables.

You can add booth numbers in the Scheduler by clicking on "Settings" - "Booth" and use "Add Booth" button.


  • One booth name (keep identification as short as possible) is only available for one participant.
  • If you have two participants from one booth - insert the same booth name a second time and allocate it to the second person.
  • In the Scheduler every booth will be listed at the bottom of each session like an additional table. 
  • Every meeting of an exhibitor will be schedule automatically on his booth. If both meeting partners are exhibitors, the meeting will be scheduled automatically on the guest booth. A manual rescheduling of exhibitors meetings on every table/booth is possible.  

Ho to get booth numbers for participants?

1) add the question in the "Further Questions" section (Settings -> Further questions, type Single line text question).

Question: 'Will the meeting take place at your booth?'
Description: 'In case you want to manage your meetings at your Booth, please insert your Booth number above. In case you do not know your Booth number yet, please insert Booth to be determined.'

Important: this question needs to be inserted during the website setup.

2) you can extract the booth numbers via the Excel download file (Reports - download Excel, see third sheet called Questions).

3) insert the booth numbers for the participants who have entered booths via Settings -> Booth.