Event Feedback - How to modify questions and ratings?

1st stage Feedback

This feedback form is sub-divided in two main parts: 

A) Event related questions

There are two types of event related questions

First block - matrix questions with 5 rating options ("Excellent", "Good", "Average", "Fair" and "Poor" - these ratings can not be changed)   
How to edit or add/delete questions or headlines? "SETTINGS" - FEEDBACK - "Questions"    

Second block - free defined questions (Single choice, multiple choice, text, etc.)     
How do I make change? "SETTINGS" - FEEDBACK - "Further Questions" 

The following important questions are pre-inserted, but can be changed: 

  • What did you like best?
  • What should be improved the next time?
  • Would you participate again?

You can set headlines to group questions.
How to I set headlines in the first block? "SETTINGS" - FEEDBACK- "Questions" - Add Feedback Questin - Heading --> Yes.
How to I set headlines in the second block? "SETTINGS" - FEEDBACK- "Further Questions" - Please select --> Headlines (Group questions with Headlines) --> Add question. 

How to change to orders of headlines and questions
Just with drag and drop you can change the order of all headlines and questions.

B) Bilateral Meeting related questions

Only shown to participants who have scheduled meetings.

How to change the rating?
"SETTINGS" - FEEDBACK - "Meeting ratings"
ATTENTION - the number of ratings can not be changed.