The Participants Status Levels (On hold, Validated, Hidden, ...)

A participant can have the following states: 

  • Imported: B2Match can import participants from previous events or excel list. As long as they will not make the decision, if they will participate in your event or not, they will stay in this state. 

  • On hold: With this status, the registration process is not finalized and all participants "On Hold" will not be visible in the frontends' menu point "Participants". They cannot book or be booked for meetings. They have a red flag in the participants list. You can switch on/off this function in the menu point "SETTINGS" - "Registration requires activation/validation?". 

  • Activated/Validated: The registration process is finalized and this person is visible in the participants list and can book meetings/get invitations for meetings. They have a green flag in the participants list. 

  • Hidden: Via the dashboard + tab "Settings" main- and co-administrators can set activated/validated participants invisible. These participants do not appear in the frontends' participants list. But they can book meetings with other visible participants.  They have a red "hidden" label in the participants list.

  • Canceled: Participant is visible in the backend, all event sessions are deleted. All meetings will be deleted automatically and the meeting partners will be informed via a notification. By the tab "Meetings" - "Canceled" - this person has access to the profiles of canceled meeting partners. 

  • Deleted: Participants are not visible in menue point "Participants" in the frontend AND backend. Participants do not have access to those participants.  By clicking on the bottom of the participants list on "Deleted participants" you will have access to the Deleted participants list. Here you can restore deleted participants, because this person has changed his decision and would like to come to your event. You will also see, which main- or co-organiser has deleted this participant and when. If you would like to use your email address for a second test registration, you have to use the red "Hard delete" button in this list. 


Screenshot participants list backend: 


Screenshot status participants dashboard