Which states can bookings have?

Bookings have different states in the B2Match system: 

  • Own booking: I have invited my meeting partner
  • Guest booking: I received an invitation for a meeting
  • Waiting: A is inviting B for a meeting. As long as B is not accepting this meeting, it is in the waiting state. 
  • Accepted: As soon as B is accepting the meeting, the booking is in the accepted state. Beside this Opt-in (booking requests must be approved) B2Match offers also an Opt-Out (bookings are by default accepted) function.
  • Canceled: A is withdrawing the invitation for a meeting (accepted or not) or B is rejecting the invitation for a meeting. 
  • Unscheduled: The booking has not an assigned starting time and table/booth number via the scheduling function.
  • Scheduled: The meeting is visible on the agenda of A and B. 

The waiting/accepting of meetings can be switched off. So all meetings are accepted by default. 

Screeshot dashboard: 


Screenshot participants list backend: