Managing participants: registration - editing - booking - feedback

Managing participants can be sub-divided into the following main activities: 


  1. Checking and validation(optional) of registration: If someone has registered - this person has the status "On hold". With this status, the registration process is not finalized and all participants "On Hold" will not be visible in the frontends' menu point "Participants" and cannot book or be booked for meetings.
    You can switch on/off this function in the menu point "SETTINGS" - "Registration & Booking" - "Registration requires activation/validation?". 

  2. Checking the assignment of participants to co-organizers (optional): The main organizer can allow a co-organizer access to a group of participants via the backend (More information you will find in the menu point "Set Up" - "Administrators"). A list of co-organizers/support offices are listed in the registration form. As participants sometimes are not aware, to whom they belong to - the main administrator has to check if a reassignment is necessary.    

  3. Editing (improving) data submitted by participants: The main and co-organizer have access to the agenda/B2B sessions, contact data, organisation details and cooperation profiles of participants via their dashboard (by using the "Edit" button in the participants list). 

  4. Individual settings:  Main- and co-organizer have individual setting possibilities for every participant via their dashboard, to meet the individual requirements of every participant. (Participation Type, Support Office assignment, Fixed tables, Booths, etc.)

  5. Book (reject) meetings on behalf of participants: Of course, also main- and co-administrators can book meetings for their participants via the participants dashboard (by using the "Edit" button in the participants list). 

  6. Collecting Feedback: to activate the feedback function, please click on "Settings" - Feedback "Settings". You have then access to the individual feedback via the participants' dashboard. A collective feedback list is available via the menue point "Reports".  More information you will find in "Events Management" - Chapter "Feedback".