The participants list in the backend - How to use?

The participant table in the backend offers a perfect view and access to all registered participants. Co-organizers only get access to their participants. 
The main function of the participants table is to:

  • Validate Participants
  • Access the participants profiles via their Dashboard
  • Advanced search and creating filter to quickly access specific participants (e.g. not having paid yet)
  • Getting a quick access to specific participants/meetings via the left menu column


You can sort the participants list by clicking once (A - Z) or twice (Z - A) on the different criteria: 

  • ID: will be generated automatically, starts with "1" and each number will only be used once (If you delete participant number "1" - this list starts with "2").
    Put your cursor on the ID and you will see after a short moment when the participant has registered. 
  • Reg means Region
  • Participant: sorting is only possible for the family name
  • Organisation: take care for different terms/names of the same organisation: TU VIenna or Technical University of Vienna (or the name of the institute first)
  • Paid: only visible, it the online payment is activated
  • Status: Green flag - the participant is activated/validated. Red flag - the participant is "On hold". You can switch between these two stated by clicking on  it. 
  • Validated: Which main- or co-organiser has validated this participant and when. 
  • SO is the abbreviation for "Support Office". If a participant has selected a support office - a green tick will appear in this column. 
  • Conf. displays "Yes", it a participant has confirmed the participation (opens automatically when the booking phase starts) or "No", if the participant has cancelled the participation (all meetings/events will be deleted automatically). Empty means, the participant has not answered this question so far. 
  • CP is the abbreviation for "Cooperation profile". 
  • Events: Which event session has been selected by this participant. All event sessions and their abbreviations you will find in "Settings" - "Event"
  • Bookings: 0 / 0 (0) = own bookings / guest bookings (scheduled bookings)
  • Waiting(optional): Number of meetings, which has not been accepted so far. 
  • Edit: Access to the dashboard of the participant
  • Delete: Soft-Deleting participants.