Individual settings for participants

Settings Tab

This tab in the dashboard is only visible for main- and co-administrators.

Via this tab you can control the following settings:

  • Support Office: Additionally to the support offices available for participants, you can assign this participant to all main-and co-organiser, who have not activated the support office function. Important, when the main administrator would like to divide the responsibility among co-organiser individually.  
  • Type of participation (if activated). The participant can select the participation type only during the registration process in step 1. Only the main- and co-organiser can change the participation type afterwards. 
  • Status: Beside the participants list you can also change here the participants state (Validated / On-Hold / Imported / Deleted)
  • Visibility: VIPs sometimes prefer an invisible status - to book meetings only with those participants, they are interested in. Hiden participants can not be booked by others. 
  • Participation confirmed: If you get a cancellation by mail, select this state and all event sessions/meetings will be cancelled automatically. This state is visible in the participants list - column "Conf.". 
  • Max. number of meetings: Can be used to assign a participant a smaller number of meetings as indicated in the B2B sessions. e.g. If a participant should give a speech and have to miss "x" time-slots or have to leave earlier you can over-rule the B2B session settings and indicate a lower number of meetings which can be managed.
  • Reserved table: All meetings will take place on the selected table number. Every table number can only be assigned to one participant. See "Scheduling Settings". 

Usually more than one main- or co-organiser are responsible for one participant. The field "Notes" offers the possibility to insert information about this participant, interesting for all administrators. For example: "Is on holiday; promised to complete cooperation profile by the end of the week." or "will book meetings in the next two days".

The button "Send Email" will open a new email in your mail system, including the event name in the subject, the salutation, the autologin link, Kind regards + your name. 

"Resend registration email" is useful, if someone has registered and due to a mistake in the email address, the confirmation mail cannot be sent. As you will get an error message, you can quite often correct the email address and click on this button, to confirm the registration of this participant.  

In addition, you can also access:

  • Autologin Link: Helpful by copying this link in one of your mails. 
  • Confirmation Link: Asking participant to confirm the participation. 

Screenshot dashboard participant