Basics about Mailings & Notifications

Mailings - General Remarks

B2Match includes a flexible and comfortable mailing system: 

  • Notifications: senting automatically generated mail to registered participants and administrators. 
  • Participant Mailings: allowing you to send personalized mails to all or a selected group of participants
  • Mailing to Administrators: informing administrators how to support their participants. 

"Notifications" are accessible in the menu points "Settings" - "Notifications. 

"Participant Mailings" and "Mailing to Administrators" are accessible via the menu point "Mailings".

Menu point "MAILINGS":

On the left side you will find a menu column containing the following menu points: 


  • Standard Templates: Will access the standard and custom mailings.
  • Prepared Mailings: A list with all mailings, which are saved, but not sent so far. You can either continue to send them or delete these drafts.  


  • Send: A list of all sent malings containing the subject, number of recipients, when/which main organiser has sent it, a blue "Show" button to see the mailing text 


There are three type of mailings which can be sent out:

  1. Standard Mailings 
    Within the 2-3 weeks before your B2B event you will usually start to inform/remind participants about the next steps they have to do. B2Match offers you seven predefined templates, you shall use in chronological order to generate a high number of bilateral meetings. The wording of these templates has proven to be best understood by participants. However, please feel free to adapt these templates according to your own wishes or to draft new mailing texts.
  2. Custom Mailings 
    Via the custom mailings you can send any kind of mailing to any kind of recipients. 
  3. Administrator Mailings: 
    Via the last mailing type on the bottom you can inform main- and co-administrators about organisational issues. 

Sending mailings works the following way: 

  1. Select the right mailing type by clicking on "Prepare Now" or "Create New" on the rigth side. 
  2. Adjust the recipients list: Select the right group by using the blue "Customize Recipients (Filter) button. You can deactivate/activiate individual participants by using the checkboxes on the left side. You can sort this list by clicking in the headline on "First Name", "Last Name" or "Organisation.
    Insert or change the subject and mailng text according your needs.  If you want to add an attachment, you have to upload it at first via the menu point "Settings" - "File Library"
    Use the "Save" button just to save your configuration or the "Save and Preview" button to come to the next step "Preview".
  3. Preview: Please check the lay out of your mailing and test the available links. To check the preview of a specifc person, please cklick on the blue box on the left side of his name in the selected participants list.
    If you would like to make further changes, use the grey "Edit" button, if the mailing is fine, use the blue "Send" button and confirm the security question.   

General remarks

B2Match offer placeholders in the mailing and notification system. These placeholder are located always between two procent signes. They are available for

  • salutations (%salutation%),  inserting the proper personal salutation in each email. 
  • autologin links (%autologin_link%), allowing participants to access their Dashboard without inserting email address and password
  • confirmation links, booking link, feedback links, meeting schedule link, ... You will find all of them on the bottom of the mailing text box. 

Please take care for the followin issues: 

  • List of addressees: Each mailing has a different target group. Therefore please be careful to choose the proper mailing template. The recipients are automatically selected depending on the type of mailing you have chosen. Before you send the mailing ALWAYS verify if the number of recipients sound realistic. Also test the links if they are not broken.

  • Check layout of your mail: Always check the lay out of the mailing (salutation & mail text & Autologin link & signature) before you press and confirm the "Send" button.

  • Archiving Mails is not necessary: You will find all "Participants Mailings" and "Mailings to Administrators" in "Sent" on  the left side of the menu point "MAILINGS".