Basics about the scheduling process

The scheduling process is divided in

Step 1:

At first you will add each meeting

  • a starting time and
  • a table or booth number,

when and where it takes place.

This step will be done in the "Scheduler". You can also schedule or reschedule meetings anytime automatically or manually one by one. Meetings can be scheduled on tables or on booths.

Step 2:

After the scheduling. you have to give participants access to their meeting schedules(agendas) via their dashboard: 

  • either as preliminary meeting schedule, when the booking phase is still running, or
  • as final meeting schedule, when the booking phase is closed.

We recommend to hand out a printed version of the meeting schedule to each participant. Even if B2Match is made in a responsive design, sometimes you have a too bad internet connection for all participants or the power is running out of their mobile phone, tablets or laptops during the event.