Mailings to co-administrators

If co-organizer support your event, you can inform them about organisational issues like: 

  • when a mailing has been sent out to their participants
  • they shall contact their participants by phone to confirm their participation or to book meetings
  • if they will come to your event and may help you on site 
  • etc. 

How to use this mailing type: 

  1. Please use the blue "Prepare Now" button on the right side. 
  2. Edit the subject and the mailing text and click on "Save" or "Save and Preview".  
  3. Check the lay out. Use the "Send" button and confirm the security question. 


Find below two proven mailings to co-organizers:


EVENTNAME - Updates on figures, timelines, arrangements and request to contact your local participants

Dear %salutation%,

We will close the registration for the XXXXX Matchmaking next XXXXX.
We already have XXX participants. Their first draft agenda will be sent on XXXXX.

We really need your assistance to make this event a success. Please, take few minutes of your time today.
Could you contact the participants from your region and urge them to book meetings, accept or decline the pending meeting requests and confirm their participation?

Even if you don't know the companies personally, this is an excellent way to introduce yourself and offer assistance to a future client.

You can login now to check the status of your clients on :

XXXXXXXX The meetings will take place on the Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th of November at ExCel, London, on Stand 27 (Enterprise Europe Matchmaking/ Meet the buyers area) XXXXXXXXXXX

Kind regards