Lists - customized participant views

Customized Participant Lists

Via customized participant views you can create one click access lists to specific groups of participants. Customized views are dynamic (automatically updated). 

This lists are used in the

  • frontend - as menu point (you have a group of speaker with profiles) or as search criteria in the menu point "Participants". 
  • in the backend in the menu point "Participants" and "Reports" for printing the individual meeting schedules and creating the participants catalog

How to create/edit/delete lists?

Use the menu point "PARTICIPANTS" - "Edit Lists" in the left menu column.

All available lists are here accessible and can be edited/deleted. 
New lists can be created by using the blue "Add list" button. 


How do I create new lists?

  • Insert a short and self explaining title 
  • Activate the checkbox "
  • Activate the checkbox "

 Screenshot backend lists


Screenshot fronend lists: