The Scheduler

Here you will add each meeting a starting time and a table or booth number, where it takes place. To open the scheduler, please use the menu point “SCHEDULING” and the blue “Open Scheduler” button.

The scheduler consists of the following parts:


They appear as grey boxes with 2 vertical numbers. The top number has booked the meetings (HOST) and the bottom number was invited for this meetings (GUEST).
By clicking on a meeting, the top number appears in red and the bottom number in blue. You will see as well, in which other meetings both meeting partners are involved.

Box Unscheduled Meetings:

On the top you will find the box with all unscheduled meetings. If you start the scheduler the first time all meetings will be placed in the section “Unscheduled meetings”. : As long the booking phase is open all new booked meetings will be placed in the un-scheduled meeting section. In this state bookings have no time and table number and will be not listed on the paper schedules.

B2B Session:

Below you will find the B2B sessions. In the horizontal headline you will find the starting time of each meeting; in the vertical headline you will find the table numbers/booth numbers.
by clicking on a meeting (box unscheduled meetings or in a B2B session), the empty slots are coloured either in red or green:

RED: You can not move the marked meeting there, because one of the two meeting partners has a meeting in this time slot or one of the meeting partners is not available in this B2B session.
GREEN: You can move this meeting there by clicking in this green slot.

To make a reconfiguration of starting/ending time, the number of tables/timeslots in the B2B sessions, please open “SETTINGS” – “Events” and edit the B2B sessions.

Information and Menue Box 

On the left side, you will find the information and menue box of the Scheduler.
On top is the grey book, you will have an overview about the number of unscheduled/scheduled meetings and how many empty slots are available for new unscheduled meetings.

Below you have the two buttons, starting the following processes:

  • Schedule all: All unscheduled meetings will move in the available B2B Sessions. This can take a few seconds. For new unscheduled meetings you can use this button again and again. Please be aware, that the algorithm in the background may change scheduled meetings to a different slot to create a free slot for a new meeting.
  • Unschedule all: Will move all scheduled meetings in the box “Unscheduled”

In the empty textbox below you can search for participants, to move meetings to a different slot. Insert the first characters of the person, organisation our country. Several matching participants will be shown. Use the mouse to select the one participant you are going to work on (show or move meetings).

If a meeting is marked, you will see below participants information box and menu box for the host and guest. On top are the two buttons:

  • Lock: This will fix the meeting in one specific slot (table and time). If the meeting is locked it will stay fixed, even if you use “Unschedule all” and “Schedule all”. Locked meetings are marked with a small “lock” icon. By clicking on a locked meetings, the “Lock” button switches to an “Unlock” button. Please use it to unlock this meeting.
  • Beside the lock button you will find the “Unschedule” button. Use it to move this meeting back into the box “Unscheduled Meetings”.

Below you will find the following information for the HOST and the GUEST:

  • If available the picture of the participant: For onsite bookings usefull to find and inform the meeting partner
  • The name, which is linked to the profile of this participant
  • The organisation name
  • The country: Especially if you allow overbooking, can prefer international meetings over national meetings.
  • If available: the participation type to prioritize for example meetings between different participation groups.
  • The mobile phone number to contact them if you would like to move a meeting to a later point of time or arrange a meeting on site.
  • The available B2B Sessions to optimize the meeting schedule manually
  • If available: The fixed table number or booth number one participant belongs to
  • How many own and guest bookings this participant has
  • A download possibility of the meeting schedule, to print it out directly after the (re-)scheduling of a meeting.

Result of the scheduling process:

  • Individual Meeting Schedule:
    For every participant with scheduled meetings an individual agenda will be generated. Not scheduled meetings will not be listed on this individual agenda. Please activate the preliminary or final meeting schedule, to offer access via the new appearing tab “agenda”. In the tab “Meetings” also the time and place of scheduled meetings are added.
  • Lists:
    Beside the meeting schedule available in each participant’s dashboard, the scheduler also completes in Reports the Excel meeting list with time and table/booth and pdf lists for the onsite management of the meetings.

To many bookings and to less space to increase the tables numbers?

If you have much more bookings than expected and can not increase the number of tables due to limited space you need to reduce the meeting length to be able to schedule most of the meetings requests.
IMPORTANT: If you decrease the available time slots, you must empty all falling out slots first.