How to use Contentbuilder


is simple drag-and-drop page creation tool, enabling users to quick and simple populate a page with nice and mobile friendly content.

Following templates are currently available:


Locate "Edit button"

Setting -> Pages | Click on the Page Title | Select the button "Edit" to the left of the page



After clicking on Edit button, you will see on the right side of the browser a new panel. It contains draggable Content Blocks. Click on one of them and drag it to the left, into main website area...

You will see in the editble are of the website a placeholder with notification "drop snippet here". Just release the mouse button to let Content Block take place here.



Once one of the Content Blocks is placed, you can edit its content. Try to click on it.

Main edit menu

Those 4 buttons in left upper corner of the Content Block... First one is to move block up and down, it only make sense to use it when you have more than one Content Blocks. Second button is to edit HTML of this block, button with plus sign is used to dublicate this block, it's clone will uppear just below the original. And last, red button is to remove this Content Block.

Text edit menu

Of course you can edit text inside of the Content Block, after clicking on a Content Block you will also see a basic text editing menu above the content.

Please try to select some text, and apply an effect from the menu bar above.

Image editing

Please try to select an image inside of the Content Block. Do you see two buttons that appear inside of it?

Upper button will make from this image a hyperlink, it will open dialog windows where you can define address of the link.

Button below lets you change image, it will open a image upload dialog so you can select an image from your computer.



Save changes. Congratulation you just added your first Content Block on the webpage. Please dont forget to save your change by locating "Save button" on the left from editable area.