Booking - Basics

Booking - General Remarks

The booking of meetings is usually opened the last 2-3 weeks before the event, once the majority of participants are registered. It makes no sense to open the booking in the beginning of the registration process - as there is no real choice selecting the most appropriate participants. Participants are usually very busy. They book meetings once, seldom twice and more seldom a third time before the event. 

B2Match limits automatically the max. number of meetings per participant, depending on which B2B sessions one is registered for. The main organiser can change this setting for all participants or for participants individually. 

The Booking Process: 

The booking process has started. Participant "A" is logged in and would like to book a meeting with participant "B". "A" clicks on the menu point "Participants"(shows all participants) or in the Dashboard on the tab "Book Meetings"(shows only participants, who have selected at least one B2B session): 

  • If "A" and "B" have a common B2B Session and both are not fully booked, a green "Book Meeting" button appears. By using this button, above the profile a dialog window opens, where "A" can insert a message for "B", why he would like to meet him. He can select one or more cooperation profiles he is interested in. 
  • If "B" is fully booked or "A" is only available in the morning B2B sesssion and B only in the afternoon B2B session, then instead of the green "Book Meeting" button a grey "Not possible" appears. 
  • After the booking, a blue "Show Booking" button will offer the opportunity to cancel the meeting or leave another message for B. 


Things to take care before booking opens

  • Invite participants not attending the bilateral meeting sessions to join the matchmaking sessions
    Send the Mailing "Encourage participants to join bilateral meeting sessions"
    You encourage conference participants to sign-up for the bilateral meeting sessions. Recipients: Participants who have not selected any matchmaking session yet.
  • Call participants by phone to attend the bilateral meeting sessions
  • Check if the content of the booking notification fits to the selected booking mode (Opt-In or Opt-Out). Usually the appropriate text is inserted during the setup process. 
  • Check of double registratinos (= same first and family name). For example Professor Karl Huber is a university professor and also the CEO of a consulting company. He is registered twice, because he is looking for both profiles for different cooperation partners. If Karl Huber is in both registered profiles availabe for the same B2B session, theoretically an overbooking of 100 % is possible. If you have at least two B2B sesssion, divide the availability of Karl Huber between these two profiles. If you have only one B2B session, you have to divide the max. number of meetings manually by opening the dashboard of both profiles and limit the max. number of meetings in the tab "Settings". 


What to take care once the booking is opened?

  • Once the booking is opened you as main administrator have to send out the mailing "Invitation to book meetings". If you have co-organisers, please inform them and ask to get in contact with their participants, if the do not book meetings a few days before the deadline. 
  • 4-5 days after the booking start you have to send a booking reminder to those who have not booked any meetings yet. This reminder can be sent several times. 
  • 2-3 days before the booking is closed, a preliminary scheduling should be made and the preliminary schedules should be sent out