Predefined mailings

Predefined Mailings for participants: 

B2Match has prepared seven predefine mailing templates, which shall be finalized by the main administrator. These mailings are addressed to the right group of participants and contain the necessary information what do to next. 

Type of Mailing

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Encourage participants to join bilateral meeting sessions
If there are many participants not joining the B2B sessions
1 week
before booking opens 
1st Invitation to book meetings
Participants (joining B2Bs) are asked to book meetings
About 2-3 weeks
before the event
Reminder Invitation to book meetings
Recipients: Participants who have not booked meetings yet
5-7 days
after mailing above
Preliminary Agenda
Also ask participants to book further meetings
 5-10 days
before the event
Final Agenda
Add also further event-related details (location, date, etc).
2-4 days
before the event

Feedback - Mailing + Reminder
to get the impression of your participants about this event. We recommend to send one reminder after 14 days and a furhter reminder after one month. 

7 days
after the event

Feedback + Reminder to measure the impact of meetings
To measure the impact of the meetings, how important these meetings have evolved within half a year. 
6 months
after the event

Please use them in chronological order to generate a high number of bilateral meetings. Feel free to adapt these templates according to your own wishes or to draft new mailing texts.

In the first screenshot below you can see the predefined mailing templates. The second shows the template, if you have used the blue "Prepare Now" button on the right side to invite participants to book meetings.