Custom mailings

Custom Mailings

Custom mailings are available, if none of the pre-defined mailings fits your needs. Differences between "Pre-defined Mailings" and "Custom Mailings":




Email Content Already available (but can be adjusted) Empty

Recipient List

The selection criteria are already pre-defined All validated participants

How to create a Custom Mailing?

  1. Mailing -> Select the green Button "Create New" in the line Custom Mailing
  2. Customize the recipients list by clicking on the "Customize Recipients (Filter)" button. e.g. a specific country, meeting status, not approved meeting requests, no profile inserted, etc.
  3. Add a subject and appropriate text
    Salutation: Dear %salutation%,
    Content: Write content with Word and Copy and Paste to B2Match
    Add the Autologin link (%autologin_link%)
  4. Click on "Save & Preview" to check layout
  5. Finally use the "Send" button if you would like to send the mailing


As long you have not sent out the mailing it will be listed in the "Prepared Mailing" section on the left side. Here you can access and edit these mailing. 
Once the mailing has been sent, you will find it in the section: "Outbox" - "Sent"


How to select the right addressees group?

  • Select the button: "Customize Recipients (Filter)" to adjust which participants will be included in the mailing list. By default all validated participants are on the mailing list
  • Once you have saved your customized selection list all participants fitting to your selection are listed. Additionally you can de-activate further participants, who shall not be on this mailing list.


Typical examples of "Custom Mailings":

  • Reminding participants to insert a cooperation profile:
    Activated selections criteria: Validated = Yes; Matchmaking (B2B Sessions) = Yes; With cooperation profiles = No;
  • Reminding participants to upload a personal photo:
    Activated selections criteria: Validated = Yes; Photo uploaded? = No
  • Reminding participants to approve pending meeting requests (only relevant if the booking mode was set to Opt-In)
    Activated selections criteria: Validated = Yes; Meetings = Waiting requests;
  • Addressing e.g. German speaking participants
    Activated selections criteria:: Validated = Yes; Country = Austria, Switzerland, Germany;

Note: You can add further selection. The more selection you chose the smaller the targeted group.

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