Scheduling settings

The following parameters are affecting the scheduling:

  • Meeting length in minutes
  • Number of time slots
  • Number of tables
  • Fixed tables or Booths

 On the bottom you will find suggestions, if you have too many booked meetings. 

Meeting Duration: 

In general, B2Match suggests the following meeting duration: 

  • 30 min: Especially for large fairs, where meetings take place on booths in different halls or locations
  • 20 min:  advisable, if you have only a few hours to arrange bilateral meetings
  • 15 min: The absolute minimum, very stressful for participants

To change the meeting duration, please click on "SETTINGS" - "Events". 

Take care to change the duration for all B2B sessions. If you have good reasons you can also have different meeting lengths for different sessions (not recommended)

Number of time slots

The number of time slots in a B2B session influences the number of available meetings. 

IMPORTANT: please take care if you

  • increase the numbe of time slots to check the starting/ending time of the B2B session before or afterwards, if there is not overlapping.
  • decrease the number of time slots, that there are no scheduled meetings in the deletes slots. They are not unscheduled automatically!

To change the meeting duration, please click on "SETTINGS" - "Events". 

Number of Tables: 

You are calculating thenumber of tables the following way: expected max. number of meetings/timeslots = table number needed: e.g. you are expecting 100 meetings and you have 10 timeslots (5 hours; 30 min/meetings) available - it will result in 10 tables at least needed. 

We suggest to work with 10% to 20% more tables than calculated. The automatic scheduler delivers better results if you have some extra tables.

You can also try scheduling with 50 or 100 tables as a first approach and check how the scheduling results look like.
Once you have done the scheduling you clearly see how many tables are realy needed.

To change the number of tables, please click on "SETTINGS" - "Events". 

Fixed Tables and Booth

Fixed tables: 

For specific participants all meetings shall be scheduled on one specific table: 

  • Participants who have to represent goods and it would be too difficult to carry them from table to another one. 
  • Important or specific participant groups

To assing one table number to one participant, please use in the Dashboard of this person the tab "Settings" and select an avialable table number. One table number is only available for one participant. Two or more participants can not share one fixed table number. If both meeting partners have fixed tables, the meeting will be placed on the fixed table of the person who has booked the meeting (HOST). Moving a meeting manually to another slot is possible. 

Fixed tables and meetings with a fixed table are marked with this icon in the Scheduler: meeting-icon-fixed-table


Usually exhibitors prefer to have their meetings on their booth and not on one of the available tables. You can add booth numbers in the Scheduler by clicking on "SETTINGS" - "Booth" and use the blue "Add Booth" button. One booth number(Keep identification as short as possible) is only available for one participant. If you have two participants from one booth - insert the booth number a second time and allocate it to the second person. In the Scheduler every booth number will be listed on the bottom of each B2B session like an additional table.