Too many bookings and too less available slots?

Due to an huge interest in your event, you have more bookings than expected. Here are our suggestions, to increase the number of available slots for meetings: 

  1. The easiest way is to increase the number of tables, if you have enough space available.
  2. You can also add a furhter timeslot at the end of a B2B Session or in the beginning. If you add a furthter B2B session, please take care, that participants are available and this B2B session is activated in the registration from.
  3. Another possibility is to decrease the meeting duration: e.g. " a 4 hour B2B session with a meeting duration of 30 minutes has 8 timeslots. If you decrease the duration to 20 minutes, you will have 12 time slots available and increase the max. number of slots by 50 %. 

If you still have unscheduled meetings, prefer international meetings vs. national or regional ones.